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WORSHIP & SEX CONTROL (Book, PDF, free download. 2MB)

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Sex is not just a physical act; it goes beyond even the emotions. Sex is actually a means of worship and a sign of worship. Control of sexuality is a major exercise of true worship and those who do not succeed in this regard fail in their service of the true God, no matter how much otherwise they labour seemingly for Him. A defiled vessel cannot offer up holy and acceptable sacrifices.

In this book you will learn many spiritual truths, including:

  • -       The genesis of animal-like behaviour and depravity in the human race

  • -       What your sex life says about your faith

  • -       How witches control people, and how one may be delivered.

  • -       How to avoid a walk in idolatry as a true Christian

  • -       How your moral life affects your children

  • -       The consequences of sexual immorality

  • -       How to keep yourself pure, and

  • -       The cleansing power of the blood of Jesus

Read this book, practice the truths therein and teach them to both young and old. 


To download a free PDF copy, please go to BOOKS page.


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